Singers Needed for Acid-Gospel Tarot Opera

Show Dates

Oakland Art Murmur:

8:30 PM, Fri, May 4

Berkeley Hillside Club:

7:30 PM, May 19

MP3's ::

Phone :: 510.703.9350

"Redemption, is Kerouac's On the Road meets Dante's Inferno. It's a wild western turned horror flick. It's epic and eclectic, acoustic and electric, personal and collective. It's biblical, danceable, and archetypal -- it's a concept album revival. It's Freudian and Pink Floydian."



Do you like Bobby McFerrin, Brian Wilson, Mahalia Jackson, AND Led Zeppelin? If you want to sing in a funky, secular vocal group for two exciting shows in the East Bay, make sure you are a part of Redemption, the Acid-Gospel Tarot Opera. Listen to the music on the website:, and call or write us.

About the opera

Redemption was released in 2009 by local performer/composer Laramie Crocker, with Ches Smith, Todd Sickafoose, Gawain Matthews, and Wend Elsen.

We are bringing this work to the stage as a modern opera with dancers, a choir (that's where you fit in), and a funky four-piece combo for the orchestra, for two special evenings in the East Bay. First is a free concert at Oakland's popular Art Murmur, at one of the largest spaces: Uptown Auto gallery. The second show will be at Berkeley's historic Hillside Club on Cedar St.

Time commitment: